Simex Paper - pulp and paper export

Simex Paper, owned by Simex International, relies on a multilingual, dynamic and experimented team, IN PLACE AND ACTIVE in Canada, USA, Africa, Europe, Middle East and South America. Over the years, we have specialized in exporting all types and grades of pulp and paper and have since, won clients over the five continents. We have built a solid reputation based on our commitment to offer a personalized service which answers the needs of each company, with a great variety of products and equipment combined with the best prices. Without any doubt, thanks to its strong national and international structure, SIMEX PAPER is known today as one of the main organization in this field. Our mission A continuous commitment to the quality of our services before and after sales. In fact, it has been and is still one of the key elements to our growth and has resulted in our clients esteem over the last decade. Networking In order to satisfy the specific and particular growing needs of our worldwide clients, we have opened an office in France (a strategic place for Europe, Middle East and Africa), and we intend in the near future to open one in Argentina and one in Dubai.SIMEX PAPER - pulp and paper export

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